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Who We Are.


InStock Flooring is a Canadian owned flooring company that specializes in offering a wide range of reputable products.  At InStock Flooring, we consistently bring in new and unique flooring at unbeatable prices. We want you to feel confident in your flooring decision and our in-store team of expert consultants is committed to finding the right floor for your space. Whether you are a property manager, contractor, designer, or a DIY homeowner we will help you find the floor you are looking for!

Who We Are
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25 Years Of Flooring Experience

The creation of InStock Flooring is the result of pursuing a market opportunity in the flooring industry. In today's fast paced flooring industry, design trends come and go quickly, so manufacturers and suppliers are quick to keep up with the ever changing interests of the market. The outcome for these companies becomes excess stock. That's where we come in; we purchase fabulous flooring products in volume from these highly regarded companies and sell them to you at below market prices.Today, we have our own storefront, warehouse, and our expert team of highly trained staff ready to help you find more and spend less.

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